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Why Become a Holistic Psychotherapist?

What is Holistic Psychotherapy and is there a need for it?


Holistic Psychotherapy Is In High Demand... Clients are Searching for Natural Alternatives and Relief from Suffering......

As clinicians, so many of us have heard our clients in despair over their symptoms of depression, anxiety, low energy, brain fog, insomnia, cravings for sugar and carbs, self- criticism, lack of zest for life, tired but wired feeling, or use of alcohol or marijuana or benzodiazapines to take the edge of stress and discomfort in their lives. 

 We also hear their pain and struggle when the only option they think they have is pharmaceutical medications; specifically antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications.  However, the side effects of low libido, low energy, weight gain, brain zaps, insomnia, or continued low-grade depression are too much to bare.

Many of our clients are currently on antidepressant medications but STILL suffer from symptoms of depression and anxiety. Something is inherently wrong with this picture. With one in four women on antidepressant medications today, and 25% of women who are in their forties and fifties taking a medication for depression the cause for alarm is imminent. 

These clients are searching but do not know where to go for proper treatment. When they speak to their health practitioners, they are immediately prescribed an antidepressant but still end up feeling lousy six months later. Most of my clients on antidepressants will speak about the destructive side effects of low libido, overeating, weight gain, increased anxiety, sleeplessness, sedation, nausea, and headaches. There is an alternative solution for your many clients who think antidepressants are the only answer, and you will learn this solution- step by step in this certification program.

The Holistic Psychotherapeutic Approach Is In Demand


 This is where YOU, the HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPIST PRACTITIONER comes into play and specializes in this much needed niche in working with clients who are seeking alternatives but need so much more than medication! 

The need for a more holistic and natural approach introduced by mental health clinicians, health practitioners, social workers, and wellness coaches is imperative. Balancing our health and wellness is a key component to positive mental health.  The use of antidepressant medications has increased almost 400 percent from 1998 to 2008, making them the third most commonly prescribed drugs across all ages. 

The question is: if so many people are on antidepressants, specifically women, then why are they still suffering from chronic depressive symptoms?

 Perhaps faulty brain chemistry is just part of the answer. As clinicians, holistic health, or wellness coaches, we must be trained in holistic assessment and treatment methods which in part, help our clients see that what they eat, drink, think, stress about, connect to others, or exercise is all part of the holistic picture of depression or anxiety. 

We must offer our clients other options which are holistic in nature and encourage the body to heal itself on a deeper level.  We must ethically offer solutions which empower our clients to heal and to transform using the bio-psycho-social approach with a holistic twist which fits our current state of affairs: high level stress, lack of nutrient dense organic, non-GMO foods, too much sugar and caffeine to keep us going during our day, inflammatory agents and hormone disruptors that signal depression, wiped out intenstinal landscapes, lack of quality sleep, and medications and substances which rob our healthy neurotransmitters.   It seems we are in a constant state of pulling from an empty tank and revving up on borrowed fumes, and then doing it all over again the next day.   

The Holistic Solution


When clients are willing to start eating nutrient dense foods, supplement with neurotransmitter supporting nutrients and vitamins, eliminate toxicants and  inflammatory foods/ substances. Then they have a great base camp for healing the malnourished brain. 

Furthermore, you- as an expert in Holistic Psychotherapy can help clients reduce stress and use techniques such as mindfulness and meditation, clear old emotions that harbor resentment and anger (which can contribute to inflammation in the body and cancer) with energy psychology, and help them tap into their subconscious and wise mind to allow their authentic self to be revealed.  And last, you help clients visualize and feel success using the universal laws of attraction and creation. That is where the magic happens. As an enlightened witness to this deeper journey, you will see the results of rapid healing when you use our  holistic psychotherapy signature system with your clients. 

I guarantee your clients will be amazed and beyond excited to finally be free of their stubborn mental health issues and the negativity that plagued them (for sometimes years). Your clients will feel more empowered that their bodies, minds, and spirits are now in balance - they had it inside all along, they just needed a guide like you to show them how to get there.  


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