Holistic Psychotherapy training and certification program

Training for psychotherapists, counselors and Wellness Coaches

Tuition for Holistic Psychotherapy Training Courses


Level One: Holistic Psychotherapy Training

12 Contact Hours (Approved by NASW for marriage and family associates, marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers)

Live Training with Master Trainer Ami Grace Quinn, LCSW who has developed this Holistic Psychotherapy course, and trained over 500 practitioners in holistic  psychotherapy techniques,. She has also filmed an informational DVD for training other professionals for a national seminar company.

She has offered this course nationally in over 6 states and now is offering certification in California. Please visit Training Dates for course outline and agenda.

Cost of Level One Online Course $497



(See payment link below)

Level Two: Holistic Psychotherapy Advanced Certification

This course is the advanced level practitioners course which involves deeper training and practice of the holistic psychotherapy methods. Once level one and two are completed, you can be certified as a Holistic Psychotherapist and develop a niche for yourself as a practitioner who believes in natural healing methods as a solution to common mental health disorders.

Cost of Level Two Certification $697

2 EASY PAYMENTS OF $367 (See payment link below)


Market Yourself As A Certified Holistic Psychotherapist

You will be given assessment tools, holistic treatment plans, guides, and scripts you can take with you and use as your own for common mental health disorders. It is an entirely new way to start treating your clients holistically as an expert! If you attend Level Two Training and obtain Certification you will be given and additional F*R*E*E* B*O*N*U*S* marketing your practice with tips and suggestions to make yourself stand out in your new niche as a holistic psychotherapist!




Are you wanting to learn SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES to supplement your existing holistic coach training or wellness /spiritual or business coaching practice? Are you new to the coaching field and want some PRACTICAL tools to help clients move their issues effortlessly and easily?

Do you want to learn ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY and MERIDIAN TAPPING to help your clients BREAKTHROUGH with SUCCESS in health, relationships, money mindset or business?

Do you see your clients get stuck in self-sabotage like procrastination, fear of moving forward or in circles, fear of rejection or success?

Do you or your clients suffer from low self-confidence or self-doubt? Emotional issues, programming and blocks can be cleared with Energy Psychology and Meridian Tapping. It is literally the answer. This technique is nothing short of miraculous and every coach should be using it to help their clients. 

Most of our issues as clients and business owners stem from old issues stored in the SUBCONSCIOUS. 90% of our behavior is being driven by our subconscious and only 10% is coming from our conscious mind. Learn how to access and tap into this powerhouse with this INCREDIBLE and RESULTS-oriented energy psychology technique.

Have you always wondered how your own energy work and alignment can help your clients and transformational coaching business? Are you intuitive but want to learn more about how to use this specifically to help yourself and clients?

This Master Class will teach you about energetic alignment, how to use energy to heal and move forward, tap into your intuition to help others, and changing the emotional frequency so that you tap into abundance.

Learn about the Law of Attraction and the conscious co-creation process that powerfully changes core beliefs around self-worth, feelings of deserving and value, confidence and the ability to dream big and receive.

Join us, this course is taught LIVE and SO worth the cost as you will now be able to offer AMAZING results as a coach. You will see miraculous changes in yourself  and money mindset, self-worth, confidence and the ability to dream bigger which will IMPACT your clients in a positive and lucrative way!

Master Class offered at $197 on Saturday, July 20, 2019 from 11:30am-3pm


Holistic Psychotherapy Virtual Training Level One June 18, 2019


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After purchasing Level One Holistic Psychotherapy Course, email instructor for registration page after pay pal purchase receipt is emailed to you. For payment plan option, email instructor at: amigracelcsw@gmail.com


Holistic Psychotherapy Training Level Two ONLINE COURSE 2019 Dates TBA


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OR MAKE 2 EASY PAYMENTS OF $367 contact instructor to apply for program on case by case basis and/or easy payment options at amigracelcsw@gmail.com


Energy Psychology Master Class for Therapists and Healers July 20, 2019 11:30am-3:00pm Virtual


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A unique training for therapists who would like to broaden their skills and learn about energy psychology and its clinical applications. Learn about the energy body, EFT /Meridian Tapping for specific disorders. Email instructor after purchase of course for registration form at:  amigracelcsw@gmail.com