Holistic Psychotherapy training and certification program

Training for psychotherapists, counselors and Wellness Coaches

New course offering! Online Course June 18, 2019


Holistic Psychotherapy Level One: Starts June 18, 2019 at 12:00pm

Join this in demand online course taught online by master trainer Ami Grace Quinn, LCSW. We will learn together using the zoom platform. This class has been offered due to high demand and convenience for out of town, state or country practitioners. The course is interactive and taught with a sense of community so that practitioners can get to know each other and support one another in our journey towards becoming confident holistic practitioners. 

Everything we would learn in our live course in California, but taught to you online so that you can have access to this powerful holistic training modality from the privacy of your own home or office.  This course is approved for 12 CEU.

$497 paid in full or 2 payments of $267 12 CEU's

(See Tuition Page for pricing and payment options)

ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY MASTER CLASS FOR COACHES & THERAPISTS Saturday July 20, 2019 from 11:30am-3pm PST $197

Are you wanting to learn SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES to supplement your existing coach training or wellness /life coaching practice or therapy practice? Are you new to the coaching field and want some PRACTICAL tools to help clients move their issues effortlessly and easily?

Do you want to learn ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY and MERIDIAN TAPPING to help your clients BREAKTHROUGH with SUCCESS in health, relationships, money mindset or business?

Do you see your clients get stuck in self-sabotage like procrastination, fear of moving forward or in circles, fear of rejection or success?

Do you or your clients suffer from low self-confidence or self-doubt? Emotional issues, programming and blocks can be cleared with Energy Psychology and Meridian Tapping. It is literally the answer. This technique is nothing short of miraculous and every coach should be using it to help their clients. Most of our issues as clients and business owners stem from old issues stored in the SUBCONSCIOUS. 90% of our behavior is being driven by our subconscious and only 10% is coming from our conscious mind. Learn how to access and tap into this powerhouse with this INCREDIBLE and RESULTS-oriented energy psychology technique.

Have you always wondered how your own energy work and alignment can help your clients and transformational coaching business? Are you intuitive but want to learn more about how to use this specifically to help yourself and clients?

 This course will teach you about energetic alignment , how to use energy to heal and move forward, tap into your intuition to help others, and changing the emotional frequency so that you tap into abundance.

Learn about the Law of Attraction and the conscious co-creation process that powerfully changes core beliefs around self-worth, feelings of deserving and value, confidence and the ability to dream big and receive.

Join us, this course is LIVE and SO worth the cost as you will see miraculous changes in yourself which will IMPACT your clients in a positive and lucrative way!

Live Training and Certification Dates

LEVEL ONE: Holistic Psychotherapy Training


Level One: 12 Contact Hours

ONLINE LEVEL ONE BEGINS ON            June 18, 2019

6 Tuesdays 12:00 PM PST- 1:30PM

In this Course you will learn:

  •  Assess the 4 major neurotransmitter deficiencies using an innovative holistic assessment tool. 
  • Utilize a treatment strategy to promote positive mood using supplements as an alternative to antidepressant medication. 
  • Learn and apply 4 holistic strategies to heal anxiety and depression.  
  • Learn powerful release techniques to let go of difficulties and problems. 
  • Transform negative emotions and thinking using guided meditation visualization, teaching clients to shift negative emotions.


  1) Learn major causes of depression and anxiety and which substances clients use to self-medicate. 

2) Use an innovative assessment tool to evaluate connection between depression, anxiety and neurotransmitter deficiency.  

3) Formulate an essential treatment plan using supplements for decreasing depression and anxiety. 

4) Implement the Transformational Healing Technique and the Wise Mind process to show your clients their resilience and inner strength. 

 5) Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique (Meridian Tapping), to rapidly release negative emotions and anchor in positive affirmations. 

6) Learn strategies such as guided meditation, visualization and the power of shifting emotions to create positive thinking and outcomes.    


The Malnourished Brain · The main neurotransmitters in the brain and how they affect mood: Inner Sunshine, Inner Fire, and Inner Zen · Assess the deficiency with a progressive and cutting-edge assessment tool you can use with your clients Monday morning after training  The malnourished brain causes depression and anxiety; what is client’s diet? What are the toxins or stressors, or substances that deplete our happy mood chemicals? 

You will learn that what clients most often use as a vice to self-medicate (THINK CRAVE!) indicates how severe neurotransmitter deficiency is.


  • Use 5 natural supplements as part of your holistic treatment program for an alternative approach to antidepressant medications  as well as the Co-factors: the Force behind the Neurotransmitters 

  •  Design a personalized holistic psychotherapy treatment program for clients with depression and anxiety and help them heal naturally without medication 

LEARN ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY STRATEGIES TO RELIEVE DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY · Energy Therapy: The basics of the Emotional Freedom Technique (Meridian Tapping) to heal depression and anxiety.  Learn to utilize subjective units of distress and to decrease depressive and anxious feelings in one session. Develop a Treatment plan/script you can use with your clients immediately to decrease depression and anxiety.  

TRANSFORMATIONAL STRATEGIES: Guided meditation and visualization to release negative emotions and thoughts:    · The Transformational Healing Technique: Experience, release and transform issues that cause depression and anxiety · Deep relaxation training using the body and mind to release painful emotions · Use the Wise Mind process: Shifting emotion and changing negative thoughts · Anchoring in positive emotion using a powerful holistic tool   

CHANGE BELIEFS/ CHANGE EMOTIONAL FREQUENCY AND LAW OF ATTRACTION Strategies to Change Emotions & Thoughts  and Co-Create New Outcomes

 · Identify client’s inner saboteurs and resistance to change · Shift the emotional frequency which leads to positive thoughts and outcomes; powerful mood shifters ·Utilize the power of affirmations to transform negative thoughts, learn the power of “I AM” affirmations and lock in positive change for clients · Law of Attraction: Learn basics of universal law and how it can work wonders in  the mental health realm.

LEVEL TWO: Advanced Certification Online Live Course


 Advanced Certification Online Virtual Live Classes  Dates TBA

In advanced Certification training this is what you will learn: (Level One Holistic Psychotherapy is a pre-requisite)

 Session 1) Review neurotransmitter deficiencies and treatment planning using neuro-nutrients for mental health disorders. Learn alternatives to amino acid therapy to promote positive mental health. Question, answer and discussion of case studies to illustrate treatment planning using not only neuro-nutrients and good mood foods - but also cutting edge alternatives which have been proven to help alleviate depression and anxiety.   

Session 2) Learn about the causes of inflammation and how they relate to mental health disorders; discuss how to differentiate between causes of brain inflammation (stress, medications, environmental toxicity, and foods). Learn and apply alternatives to medications for inflammation in the brain which causes depression and anxiety.  You will also learn about the 5 healthy gut strains of probiotics that promote positive mental health, and reasons why intestinal flora balance and gut-brain connection is so important for optimal mental health functioning. Question, answer and discussion of case studies to illustrate learning objective.   

Session 3) Learn about the endocannabinoid receptor system in the brain and how medicinal cannabis (CBD) can positively effect symptoms of anxiety and depression. This portion of the training is taught by expert in environmental toxicity and researcher and product developer, Pharmacist, Functional Medicine Specialist and owner of Kohana Pharmacy and Wellness Center, Robert Quinn, Pharm.D. 

Session 4) Learn about integration of holistic psychotherapy treatment with other modalities such as chakras and the energy system as it relates to trauma and mental health disorders such as PTSD, depression and anxiety and when to use each modality. Learn and apply psychology of the chakras with clients.

 Review and apply energy psychology and meridian tapping techniques learned in level one training; Learn to treat difficult cases with energy psychology. Course participants given sample in-depth clinical scripts to use for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and body image issues to learn treatment protocols. Practice using meridian tapping with trainer and break-out sessions with course participants. Time for discussion and case review.  

BONUS SESSION FOR ADVANCED STUDENTS) Case Reviews: This session will focus on presentation of a case study by each participant using advanced holistic psychotherapy techniques; participant will need to demonstrate competency by integrating principals of the course and how it applies to actual cases in clinical practice. In order to obtain certification in this course, participants will be asked to present a case with both an area of successful outcomes and an area of difficulty.   




July 20 2019




Do you see your clients get stuck in self-sabotage like procrastination, fear of moving forward or in circles, fear of rejection or success?

Do you or your clients suffer from low self-confidence or self-doubt? Anxiety depression, codependency or lack of self-love? Body image issues, or weight-loss issues? 

Meridian tapping can even help with procrastination, self-sabotage, and Emotional trauma. As a result, new programming on the subconscious level creates long-lasting changes and blocks can be cleared. It is literally the answer to rapidly clearing negative emotions with this blend of energy healing and cognitive therapy. This technique is nothing short of miraculous and every therapist and coach should be using it to help their clients have powerful breakthroughs that can be life-changing!

Yoga, Self-Care, Healing & Envisioning Retreat for Women January 11, 2018           10:00am to 6:00p

In this retreat you will find peace, connection and transformation. Rejuvenate yourself and your healing abilities in this tranquil setting among the trees and coastal hills of California. 

Take a much needed time-out from your daily life and practice as a helping professional and nurture the relationship within, so that you return to your life fuller, with more peace, inner joy, and completely mindful. 

Experience the transformational practices of meditation, yoga, self-inquiry, present moment awareness, self-compassion, and a renewed sense of self. Learn and engage in energy psychology techniques which rapidly clear away lack of clarity, confidence, low self-esteem or anxiety and leave feeling empowered, connected, confident and clear.  This perfect location is ideal for deepening your learning of yoga, guided meditation and energy healing as a clinical practice and personal practice.

 The yoga (gentle yoga no experience necessary) and healing retreat is a rich exploration into practices which cultivate happiness and healing on deeper levels. We will follow a balanced schedule of gentle yoga movement, guided meditation, energy healing and group discussion, transformational practices, mindful eating of organic healthy food, walking meditation in nature, time for personal reflection, and silence. We will journal our responses to inquiry questions, practice emotional regulation skills, learn to witness thoughts, calm our nervous systems, and experience what releasing trapped emotions feels like in this unique form of energy healing.

This all day workshop is $99 with organic lunch provided. Options for detox IR sauna and massage are available and can be pre-booked by emailing amigracelcsw@gmail.comYoga, Self-Care, Healing & Envisioning Retreat for Women June 22, 2019   10:30am to 6:00pm Yoga, Self-Care, Energy Healing & Envisioning Retreat for Women July 27,  2019                        10:30am to 6:00p