Holistic Psychotherapy training and certification program

Training for psychotherapists, counselors and Wellness Coaches

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I call myself a Certified Holistic Psychotherapist?

YES! However, you must complete Level One and Level Two (live online class)-so you can be at home or in your office).

Will I be able to implement my knowledge immediately?

YES! In addition to what you learn, you will receive ready-to-use forms as well as treatment strategies. I always recommend starting with a neuro-nutrient assessment and good mood foods to initially balance the brain chemistry.

How will my new Certification benefit my practice?

You can create a lucrative niche in your community or agency and use the modalities you like best. You will become a specialist in an exciting new practice that very few others can claim. MANY clients GOOGLE: Natural alternatives to depression/anxiety-therapists near me- and now YOUR NAME will come up on the top of their search! 

Because I have spent years in this niche, I have designed my successful practice so that I work with the clients I want to attract and who are in alignment with natural healing and alternatives to medication. Now, you can do the same thing!

 In level two, I teach you how to market your practice to increase your income as part of a BONUS FREE training for those who wish to participate (not part of certification hours).

Will other clinicians think this training is too "airy fairy" for clinical practice?

I have always been a number one fan of alternative healing methods. In fact, I believe in angels, essential oils, pet and equine therapy, sound healing, the healing power of crystals, feng shui, yoga, somatic therapy, and intuitive guidance. 

However, this training is grounded in SOLID evidence-based practical strategies that are proven to reduce anxiety and depression so you will be able to set yourself apart from the less-evidence based holistic programs/practitioners out there that are "airy fairy". In training, you will be given an extensive reference list for research which supports each technique and resources.

Is the Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness training part of the Holistic Psychotherapy Certification?

Actually, it is a separate training/retreat I have designed specifically for mental health professionals that want to learn more holistic techniques and combine this with a personal retreat to do work on themselves. I find that many of us are wounded healers or have some old codependency issues, or are overloaded with work and family obligations and just need to unplug and unwind with other like-minded individuals. 

So this is an opportunity to earn CEU's and do personal work mixed with a healthy dose of RELAXATION and calming our over-stressed nervous systems.