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About The Grace Institute of Holistic Psychotherapy & Wellness

Greetings, my name is Ami Grace Quinn, LCSW. As your teacher and Holistic Psychotherapist Master Trainer, I have over fifteen years of clinical experience and training in Hypnoptherapy, Energy psychology/meridian tapping, Neuro-nutrient therapy, Guided meditation, Yoga therapy, and Holistic health. My passion for holistic healing began when I was in a healing crisis fifteen years ago and was prescribed medication. I had the deep desire to find natural alternatives to medication to heal my brain and body pain -despite what “conventional” medicine practitioners were telling me and my traditional education.  

Over a decade later, and with many years of specialized training in how neuro-nutrients promote positive mental health, I have developed and taught my Holistic Psychotherapy Training Course to over 500 students nationwide.

 It is my pleasure and my passion to share this specialized knowledge to help practitioners reach more people and help them break through stubborn mental health issues with holistic techniques and tools. By developing this in-demand Holistic Psychotherapy specialty, clinicians can expand their practice, increase their income, and use a signature system which offers rapid relief of mental health symptoms.  Many people are SEEKING natural  alternatives to over-prescribed pharmaceutical medications. Now you can show them the alternative path. 

 As a Certified Holistic Psychotherapist who takes the Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness training you can now offer yoga therapy, meditation and mindfulness techniques which promote rapid healing and further empowers clients to heal holistically.