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Holistic Psychotherapy Level One Online Live Course June 18, 2019


  • Learn natural alternatives to treat mental health disorders and cutting edge holisitic techniques

  • Holistic techniques produce rapid results to stubborn mental health issues!  

  • Learn what it truly means to apply the mind-body-spirit approach in this evidence-based course which teaches you evidence-based practices.

  • Expand your practice and increase your income! Finally attract the clients you want to work with by doing the work you love. Start doing more individual and groups focusing on holistic wellness, neuro-nutrients and get trained in our mental health wellness formula will which heal the root cause of mental health issues and rapidly grow your practice! 

  • This course can be taken alone or as part one of certification, but certification is highly recommended as it sets you apart from the rest.

Holistic Psychotherapy: Level Two Online Live Course 2019 dates TBA


  • In this current state of affairs where we feel so much stress- health and wellness is even more important as a preventative measure.  Our mental health can especially suffer when we are under stress or trauma,  relationship problems, eat a diet which includes too much coffee, soda, too many carbs, sugar and not enough clean proteins or dark green veggies. 

  • ALL of the above literally wipe out our healthy stores of mood-balancing NEUROTRANSMITTERS!

  • Be an expert in your field and create your niche as a Certified Holistic Psychotherapist who specializes in holistic methods which are natural and take into account your client's mind, body, brain and soul.

  • Online training course beginning in February 2019. Payment options available so course is affordable (See Tuition Pricing page for rates) !

Yoga, Self-Care, Healing & Envisioning Retreat for Women July 20, 2019 10:30am to 6:00pm


Unplug from your busy life as a helping professional and learn how yoga, guided meditation and energy medicine practices can be a powerful healing method for ourselves and our clients.  Many of us come from histories of dysfunction and don't get the time to work on ourselves or we are just super busy professionals with families and other obligations and have little time for self-care, connection or to slow down and reflect about how you would like to envision your life differently.

Take this time to nurture yourself in this all day retreat in the beautiful coastal hills of California After this retreat, you return to your life feeling revitalized, empowered, and rejuvenated as a woman. Engage in energy psychology modalities which can help improve confidence, clarity, energy, body image, anxiety or depression and even help yourself long after the retreat is over. My hope is for this workshop/retreat begins a Healing Circle for Women locally. LET'S DO IT!!



July 20, 2019 11:30 -3:00pm PST

This is the perfect short Master Class for Therapists, coaches, or healers who want to learn how to do a well-researched energy psychology technique called Meridian Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). We will learn about the tapping points and how they correspond to different organs in our body where we store emotions (think fear for example is stored in the kidney/bladder). I will teach you how to tap using cognitive restructuring and re-programming the subconscious which drives behavior and core beliefs. This technique is so powerful clients get results after one to two sessions! Come join this class just to witness how miraculous and game-changing using this technique can be!

Online Self-study Course: Intro to Neuro-Nutrient Therapy


Online self-study course 8 Contact Hours (contact instructor for information on self-paced course)

Discover the power of neuro-nutrient therapy and how the correct use of nutrients can target symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Learn about the main neurotransmitters in the brain, the causes of neurotransmitter deficiency, vitamin and mineral deficiency as causes of depression and anxiety.

Treatment Methods in Neuro-Nutrient Therapy

  • Learn our powerful signature method to assess and treat anxiety and depression the natural way. This holistic and all natural method is a great alternative for the client who wishes to heal naturally, without the use of pharmaceutical medications.

  • You will be given this signature system with assessment tools and holistic treatment plans to create individualized neuro-nutrient plans based on your client's symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Nutrition for Positive Mental health

Do you know what good mood foods are vs. bad mood foods that destroy and deplete our neurotransmitters which are responsible for happiness, calm, focus, good sleep and energy? This course will teach you what you need to know about food, substances and stress as common culprits to bad moods, anxiety, low energy, lack of focus, cravings, and disrupted sleep.

Affordable course $497

In this course, you most likely will have questions about assessment of brain chemistry, how certain cases and clients will or will not benefit from neuro-nutrient therapy, how to help someone add neuro-nutrients to an existing anti-depressant medication protocol (collaboration with medical practitioner is needed) so that they can begin to replace with natural remedies.

**Add mentor coaching to this package for $297 and have access to 2 personalized coaching calls for case consultation and individualized learning with master trainer and neuro-nutrient specialist, Ami Grace Quinn, LCSW email amigracelcsw@gmail.com to register

Certification in Holistic Psychotherapy level two


Holistic Psychotherapy Certification for Advanced Level Practitioners

Get certified in this cutting-edge holistic mental health wellness system. This course is now set to start in October 2018 for those who have completed level one Holistic Psychotherapy online or live. To Register - go to Tuition Pricing page, fill out registration form and pay for course using payment link provided.

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